Diane began her writing journey in 2006 after attending the Pacific NorthWest Children’s Writing Conference. As a counselor in a large diverse elementary school, she was given a task to build the social emotional learning titles for the library and the counseling office. This task started her thinking I could write this! As an artist, her perfectionistic taste in quality writing and incredible art drove her quest especially addressing diversity and underrepresented children and topics.

Teaching and supporting others are Diane’s strengths. She’s taught swimming, drawing, painting, photography, design, sculpture, and book-making to kids of all ages. Child development, bullying, conflict resolution, brain based learning, and how to comfort distressed children are topics she has enjoyed teaching too. Currently, Diane is the nonfiction liaison for the Oregon chapter of SCBWI with hopes to get Oregon writers jazzed about non-fiction. Her passion began as a child raised in a strong non-fiction, reading home. Nature, outdoor recreation, art, sports, and music topped her families priorities.  

Diane has received merit- based awards/scholarships for her writing and art from organizations including the National Endowment for the Arts. Her photography has been published with the National Park Service. Appearing on both radio and television, she enjoys promoting children’s literature. 


billygoat copy



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